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We all love that just-clean feeling after a visit to see our dental hygienist. While removing the plaque and calculus buildup from above the gumline is very important, to fully achieve optimal dental health, our Calgary dental hygienists must clean below the gumline using a procedure known as Root planning in SE Calgary, AB.

What is Root Planing?

While scaling removes calculus (tartar) from the surfaces of your teeth above the gumline, root planing removes it from the roots of your teeth under the gums. Planing also smooths the surface of the root out to prevent tartar deposits from attaching to the tooth and bacteria collecting under the gumline.

If your Calgary gum disease is caught early enough and hasn’t damaged the structures below the gum line, a regular cleaning should be done. However, if your gum disease has progressed a deep cleaning and root planing may be needed to help reverse the gum disease’s progress.

Why Do I Need Root Planing?

Calgary Gum disease is primarily caused by tartar buildup. Calgary Gum disease in its early stages is reversible, but when left untreated, it can cause bone loss and in some cases, tooth loss.  This is one of the procedures we use to help clean vulnerable areas in your mouth.

During your regular checkup and cleaning, your dental hygienist will assess your mouth to determine if Planing is necessary. This service may take more than one visit to fully complete since we generally work on one quadrant of your mouth at a time. Since Planing is a more intensive procedure compared to regular scaling, you may receive a local anesthetic or require Sedation Dentistry to minimize your discomfort.

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