Root Planing

Root Planing

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In your regular semi-annual cleaning, one of the steps our hygienists take to ensure your oral health is called scaling. Sometimes however, you may show signs of gum disease, either gingivitis or the more severe periodontitis. In this case, you will likely receive some deep cleaning, more properly known as root planing.

What is Root Planing?

While scaling removes tartar from the surfaces of your teeth, root planing removes it from the roots of your teeth under the gums, and smooths them out to prevent tartar deposits from attaching to the tooth. Tartar likes rough spots, so root planing makes the environment less hospitable to it. How did the tartar get under your gums in the first place? Even though your gums are normally cozy with your teeth, gum disease and pocketing can make this connection less tight, allowing bacteria to collect under the gumline.

Why Do I Need Root Planing?

Not everybody does! But if you do need it, it’s to help save your teeth and jawbone from decay. Gum disease can break down the bones which your teeth are anchored in, eventually resulting – in severe cases – in your teeth loosening. You are unlikely to have any symptoms until the decay is quite advanced, however, so it’s important to have your dentist check up on your oral health frequently. While damage to your bone cannot be reversed, the good news is that gum disease progress can be halted! Root planing is one of the steps we can take to help halt those bacteria in their tracks.

What Will Happen if I Need Root Planing?

This is often done right along with scaling in your regular checkup if your dentist determines that you have more advanced signs of gum disease. Root planing may take more than one visit, with one quadrant of your mouth being done at a time. Because this digs a bit deeper than scaling, you may receive a local anesthetic to minimize your discomfort. You’ll have all of the plaque, bacteria, and tartar removed from your tooth and root, the root will be smoothed out, and your gum will then have a chance to heal and reattach itself to your tooth more firmly!

Has it been a while since your last appointment? Are you wondering if you might have symptoms of gum disease? We’re conveniently located in Forest Lawn and serve many surrounding neighbourhoods such as Forest Heights, Valleyview, Dover, Erinwoods, Mayland Heights, Inglewood, Southview, Marlborough, and Crossroads. We’d be happy to serve you!

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