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At Concept Dentistry, our Dental Team is committed to providing caring general and family dentistry that meets the needs of your entire family.
As parents ourselves, we know that helping children form a positive experience is crucial in helping them develop healthy oral care habits. We believe in creating a trusting relationship with children and parents to ensure that they develop excellent dental habits and a positive attitude!

The Importance of Your Child's First Dental Visit

When your child has their first tooth erupt, we follow the recommendation by the Canadian Dental Association, which states children should be seen by a dentist within six months of getting their first tooth or by the time they have their first birthday. This visit is very important as it introduces your child to our dental practice as well as it gives our dentist’s the opportunity to ensure that your child’s teeth are developing normally. This visit can be made into a positive fun experience!

At Concept Dentistry, we believe communication is important, this way we can use the child’s first dental appointment to go over basic information and take the time to demonstrate proper oral hygiene techniques you can then use at home.

We will take the time to introduce your child to the dental equipment such as the chair, overhead light, suction, and water sprayer. The dentist will examine your child’s teeth and depending on the comfort level of your child; this may include a detailed exam, or simply “counting teeth.” If your dentist spots an area of concern, we will discuss the best options to treat your child. As your child becomes more comfortable with each visit, we may introduce x-rays, tooth polishing, and fluoride.

In your first appointment, we will cover the following topics:

  • Proper brushing
  • How thumb sucking affects teeth
  • Proper baby bottle use
  • How soothers affect teeth
  • Nutritional information

Our team loves kids! That is why we customize children’s dental care to their specific needs as they grow and develop!

How Should I Prepare My Child for their First Dental Visit?

There are many great storybooks and videos that talk about a child’s first dental visit. If you have older children who are comfortable visiting the dentist, allow your little one to watch their older sibling during their visit.

When your child is at our dental office, we provide them with toys and activities to make their dental visit fun and interactive!

The Importance of Dental Caries (Tooth Decay) Prevention

Dental Tooth Decay is extremely common nowadays among young children. At our Calgary dental office, we work to prevent and reverse the advancement of Tooth Decay by working with parents to help decrease the danger of cavities. Adults should brush and floss kids teeth until they build up the ability to handle this on their own.

We recommend regular dental check-up appointments so we can monitor your child’s oral health and ensure that Tooth Decay is minimized.

  • Ideally, it is recommended to avoid sugary foods and drinks
  • Brush teeth at least twice every day
  • Floss every day
  • Do not give sleep time bottles that contain juice. Ideally only use water.

We offer fluoride and dental sealants to further decrease the danger of dental caries for young patients at a more serious risk for Tooth Decay. Our dental team will discuss these options with you to reduce and minimize dental decay.

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