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At Concept Dentistry, our SE Calgary Family Dentistry Team is committed to providing general and family dentistry services that meet the needs of your entire family.
From children visiting the SE Calgary Inglewood Family Dentist for the first time to seniors who have been visiting the dentist for many years, we believe in creating a trusting relationship with our patients to ensure their experience is an enjoyable one!

We Welcome Families!

Our Calgary dental team is committed to providing exceptional dental for all the oral health needs of your entire family! As such, we always welcome new families to our practice – no referral is required. It is our goal to make each dental appointment as relaxed and comfortable as possible, yet always deliver the highest quality of patient care.

Our Calgary Family Dentistry is provided by Dr. Archie Tang, Dr. Jubong Park, and Dr. Stuart Gough and their friendly and welcoming dental team. Our team is here to address the oral health needs of everyone in your family. We know that good oral health has been proven to be a major factor in the importance of overall health and wellness. It is our goal to work with you and your family to create beautiful, healthy smiles!

The Importance of Checkups and Prevention

SE Calgary Family Dentist

We Are Here To Take Care Of Your Family!

As a Family Dentist Calgary, one of our primary services for families is Calgary Preventative Dentistry. At Concept Dentistry, we recommend that our patients have regular 6-month checkups and teeth cleanings. Some patients may need this care more often, and some may need it less often. Regular appointments help our patients avoid dental conditions such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, bone loss, and even tooth loss. However, we will help you determine your custom treatment plan based on your specific needs.

When you visit Calgary Inglewood Family Dentist Practice, you will have a comprehensive oral exam, called a dental checkup. During this exam, we will evaluate your teeth, your bite, your oral tissue as well as your jaw bite and function.

Family Dentistry exams often include:

  • Patient consultation
  • Medical history update
  • Addressing your concerns
  • Tooth exam
  • Periodontal exam and evaluation
  • Dental X-rays (if required)
  • Discuss your dental goals
  • Check the development and growth of children’s teeth.

Doing a visual exam helps our family dentist in Calgary determine if you are possibly grinding your teeth or if they may be suffering from excessive wear. We believe that regular dental check-ups are essential to maintaining good oral health!

Dentistry for the Young at Heart

As a Calgary general dentist, we can offer our patients many different dental services. As a SE Calgary Family Dentist, we can offer our patients general and cosmetic procedures for every member of your family. For a complete list of Calgary General and Family Dentistry procedures, please visit our Dental Services page.

Learn More About Our Calgary Family Dentistry

The Concept Dentistry Team is here to answer your questions about our SE Calgary Family Dentistry Services. To learn more, we invite you to schedule your complimentary meet and greet appointment!


Family dentistry specializes in treating patients of ALL ages and stages of life. Family dentists provide a range of procedures and examinations to you and your entire family, which include things such as cleanings, examinations, fillings and extractions. Family dentists are equipped to serve kids as well as adults and may provide extra treatments such as pediatric dentistry as well as orthodontics which are specifically accustomed for children. When compared to general dentistry, a family dentist has a more personalized approach to care, depending on the age and stage of life of each patient. Concept Dentistry looks forward to being your SE Calgary Family Dentist of choice!

Are you looking for a good Family dentist in SE Calgary? The Concept Dentistry team is here to help you and your entire family navigate your oral health journey. A good family dentist is important to listen to the specific needs of each member of your family, be available for appointment times that fit your family’s busy lifestyle, be conveniently located close to where you live, follow the latest dental fee guide, and offer direct insurance billing to your insurance. A good family dentist will use the latest technology to ensure you and your family are comfortable at each visit, and that all your visits are efficient. They will also ensure their Calgary dental clinic meets the latest standards of health and cleanliness. Most importantly, a good family dentist will create a customized treatment plan for you and your family, taking into account the unique needs and wants of each patient, as well as being friendly and accomodating to everyone’s specific needs. At Concept Dentistry, our team follows all of these general rules of thumb to ensure our patients have an amazing dental experience at every visit!

At Concept Dentistry, we see dental decay often. It is particularly common among young children, so as your SE Calgary Family Dentist, we advise adults to brush and floss their children’s teeth until they believe their children are at a place where they can handle it on their own. Regular dental check up appointments also help monitor dental decay and we will work to reverse and prevent the advancement of it if we see it. It is important to brush at least twice daily, making sure to floss as well. We also recommend avoiding sugary foods and drinks to help create a lifetime of good oral health and wellness. Concept Dentistry looks forward to being your SE Calgary Family Dentist of choice!

As your SE Calgary Family Dentist of Choice, Concept Dentistry offers a wide range of dental and oral health services. These include oral hygiene appointments, which include tooth exams, periodontal exams and evaluations, dental X-rays (if necessary) and patient consultations. As a Family Dentist, we also offer invisalign and orthodontics, teeth cleaning and whitening, as well as a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options. Concept Dentistry is committed to providing consistent and exceptional oral health care for you and your entire family

At Concept Dentistry, your health and safety are our top priority. When it comes to the safety of dental x-rays, the radiation levels are very small, and can be compared to the amount of radiation you absorb from smartphones and even the amount that is emitted from the sun itself. X-rays are extremely beneficial and can help your dentist identify problems like tooth decay, cavities and impacted teeth. We only recommend X-rays when necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your Concept Dentistry team; we are always happy to help!

While it is advised that individuals visit the dentist at least twice a year, the frequency in which individuals should go is really based on the patient and their unique factors and hygiene habits. Some individuals could benefit from going multiple times a year, while others might only need to go once or twice. The frequency will depend on an individuals’ current oral hygiene habits and oral health condition, as well as any medical conditions, general health status, oral health goals and your own self-and dentist-assessed risk for oral health problems.

If you are unsure of when to set up your next dental appointment, please do not hesitate to contact Concept Dentistry and ask our dedicated team of professionals – we will let you know when your next appointment should be!

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