Our Dental Fees

Our Dental Fees

We follow the NEW 2019 Alberta Dental Fee Guide!

First, we ask that if you have any questions about our dental fees, please contact us. Our administration team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

At Concept Dentistry, as a SE Calgary Dentist, it has always been our goal to offer competitive, yet fair and reasonable dental fees to our patients. Factors that can affect individually charged dental fees include all the costs associated with running a business, overhead, staffing and staying on top of modern technology. This ensures that we can continue to provide the highest level of care to our patients, yet still remaining competitive with other dental practices.

That is why we routinely review our dental fees compared to other dental practices within Calgary. Now with the release of the 2019 Alberta Dental Fee Guide by the Alberta Dental Association, we want to be completely open with you about our dental fees and how they compare to the NEW fee guide.

When comparing our list of fees with the new suggested fee guide, we are happy to announce that our fees match what is recommended in the NEW fee guide. The following chart lists the most common dental procedures and the fees associated with the service as per the NEW suggested fee guide.

Please be aware, that not all procedures are listed as professional fees. The cost for these services vary based on the associated lab costs and depend upon the complexity of the treatment required. We encourage you to call our office to arrange a visit with one of our dentists in order to evaluate your oral health and the condition of your teeth so that we can provide a more accurate estimate.

At Concept Dentistry, as a Calgary Dentist, we feel it is important that you understand your own specific dental insurance policy. Since dental insurance companies can decide the individual maximum amount that they will cover for any particular dental procedure. We feel we need to make you aware that the amount covered could be less than what is suggested in the 2019 Alberta Dental Fee Guide. Also, we ask that you are aware that not all procedures are necessarily covered based on your own specific dental insurance coverage.

If you have any questions at all about our dental fees, we encourage you to contact us directly at (403) 248-0301, and we will be happy to answer any financial or insurance-related questions you may have!

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