Hygiene Services

Hygiene Services

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What Are Dental Hygiene Services?

A crucial part of your dental care is visiting the hygienist for your six-month cleanings. Have you ever wondered what exactly it is that your friendly, Forest Lawn dental hygienists do for you? The four main things are scaling, root planing, polish, and fluoride.

Scaling and Root Planing

When you need a deep cleaning, your hygienist will do a scaling and root planing. These treatments clear away the plaque buildup that is below your gumline, because oral hygiene isn’t just about what you can see on the surfaces of your teeth. Dental plaque, a soft yellow-grayish substance that builds up on your teeth, turns into calculus or tartar over time and can cause gum disease and receding. Scaling is a preventative treatment done using physical tools to scrape off plaque and tartar. This is followed by root planing, which smooths out your tooth roots and helps your gums to reattach to your teeth. If there is a lot of buildup, scaling and root planing might take more than one visit and/or require a local anaesthetic.


The next step after scaling and root planing is polishing. The purpose of this is different than tooth brushing: it smooths the surfaces of your teeth and helps prevent plaque from accumulating on the tooth surface area. It is usually done with a rubber polishing cup in conjunction with paste. This step lets you go home with shiny, smooth teeth!


Fluoride is also an important part of your regular dental care. This will be the final step of your appointment, and it’s a much more potent treatment than your regular fluoridated toothpaste, so be extra certain not to swallow any. You may have multiple flavour options, as well as application options such as painting it directly on your teeth, an oral rinse, or foam in a flexible tray. Because your teeth are exposed to acids in food, bacteria in dental tartar, and plaque buildup, they lose strength over time. Fluoride helps to build them back up for a longer life and fewer cavities! Just be sure not to eat or drink anything for half an hour after your fluoride treatment.

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