Got Stinky Breath? Get Rid Of it Permanently

Got Stinky Breath? Get Rid Of it Permanently

We all expect to wake-up the odd morning to breath that reveals the culinary and beverage delights we enjoyed the night before.  Waking up every morning with breath that can stop traffic is a whole other ball game – one that causes stress for the person dealing with ongoing stinky breath.  Can breath odors be dealt with permanently?

What Causes Bad Breath?

Onions, garlic, and certain spices have us all grabbing mints or mouthwash to freshen up strong aromas. It’s normal – saliva can only do so much to freshen a mouth and remove food particles that add to the lingering scent.  Saliva – or lack of – is one common cause of bad breath – as oral tissues need moisture to keep clean and free from bacterial deposits that contribute to bad breath.  Medical conditions or certain medications that reduce saliva flow can cause breath to smell stale. Drinking lots of water and chewing sugar-free gum can help rinse teeth and reduce mouth odors.  If you’ve been avoiding your toothbrush and floss lately you can’t really be too surprised when a loved-one gives you some feedback on your stinky breath.  Oral hygiene is the biggest contributor to keeping a mouth clean and odor-free, so brushing several times a day and flossing once a day is essential if you want some loving from your favorite person.

Bad Breath and Oral Health

Family Dentists at Concept Dentistry in SE Calgary understand how frustrating it can be to have to deal with ongoing breath issues – especially if you’re trying really hard to brush and floss regularly.  Oral conditions like Gum and Periodontal Disease don’t help with the fight against bad breath – as the bacteria that causes gum and periodontal concerns also add to breath odors.  Seeing a hygienist regularly for deep cleanings not only helps to control periodontal diseases but also helps prevent bad breath.  There’s just no escaping the fact that the healthier our mouth is the less chance of developing embarrassing breath issues.

People on a low carb weight loss diet may notice a change in their breath odor. This is due to ketones being released, which are chemicals that create some foul smells.  Bad breath can also be the result of being severely dehydrated, so load up on the water which not only gives you energy and revitalizes organs, but it also cleans the mouth.

Oh, and don’t forget to clean your tongue. This crazy muscle can trap bacteria and detract from a mouth’s freshness.

Need help getting your breath odor under control?  Call Concept Dentistry today 403-248-0301.

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