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Welcome to Concept Dentistry

Welcome to Concept Dentistry, nestled in the heart of SE Calgary, close to the vibrant communities of Forest Lawn, Southview, Radisson, Dover, and Inglewood. As your trusted local Dentist Calgary, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of dental services designed to meet the needs of families and individuals alike. From the moment you step into our clinic, you'll be greeted by a team dedicated to making your dental experience comfortable, convenient, and effective.

Our Services

Family Dentistry:

Understanding the importance of oral health for all ages, we provide tailored care that addresses the unique needs of each family member. From toddlers to seniors, our approach to family dentistry ensures comprehensive care for your loved ones.

Emergency Dentistry:

Unexpected dental issues can be distressing, but our emergency dentistry services are here to offer relief. Available evenings and weekends, we prioritize urgent care to alleviate pain and address dental emergencies promptly.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

A beautiful smile can bolster your confidence and overall well-being. Our cosmetic dentistry options, including SureSmile clear aligners and dental implants, are designed to enhance your smile's aesthetics while promoting long-term oral health.

Dedicated to Patient Care

At Concept Dentistry, we believe in the power of a patient-centered approach. Our clinic is not just a place for treatments; it's a space where patients feel heard, valued, and cared for. Whether you're here for a routine check-up or a complex procedure, we strive to ensure your visit is as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

Understanding that dental appointments can be daunting for some, we offer sedation dentistry options to make your experience stress-free. This, combined with our late hours and weekend availability, demonstrates our commitment to accommodating your schedule and needs.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

We are proud to be a clinic where everyone is welcome. Recognizing the diversity of our community, we strive to make dental care accessible to all. Direct billing to insurance and adhering to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide are just some of the ways we ensure our services are affordable. Plus, with free parking and a location easily accessible from various Calgary neighborhoods, visiting us is convenient for everyone.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right Dentist Calgary is crucial for your oral health and wellbeing. At Concept Dentistry, our team of dental professionals, including Dr. Archie Tang, Dr. Jubong Park, and Dr. Stuart Gough, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice. We invest in the latest dental technology and continuous professional development to ensure we're providing the highest standard of care.

Our welcoming environment, combined with our comprehensive service offering, makes us the ideal choice for individuals and families seeking attentive, high-quality dental care in Calgary.

Join Our Dental Family

We invite you to experience the difference at Concept Dentistry. Whether you're new to the area or simply seeking a dentist who truly cares about your oral health, we welcome you to book a free Meet & Greet consultation. This no-obligation visit allows you to meet our team, learn about our services, and see firsthand how we can contribute to your dental health and happiness.

Don't let another day go by without giving your smile the attention it deserves. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to find out more about how we can cater to your dental needs. Your journey towards a healthier, happier smile starts here at Concept Dentistry, where you're not just a patient, but a valued member of our dental family.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Concept Dentistry?

At Concept Dentistry, we bring a personalized approach to dental care that focuses on tailoring treatments to meet the individual needs of each patient. Our team, including Dr. Archie Tang, Dr. Jubong Park, and Dr. Stuart Gough, is highly skilled and committed to continuous professional development. This ensures you receive the latest advancements in dental care. Our clinic's welcoming environment, flexible scheduling with evenings and weekends, and comprehensive services set us apart. Choosing Concept Dentistry means prioritizing your oral health and achieving the smile you've always wanted with a team that genuinely cares.

What Are the Benefits of Family Dentistry at Concept Dentistry?

Family dentistry at Concept Dentistry offers a convenient solution for families looking to manage their oral health efficiently. Catering to all ages, from toddlers to seniors, we ensure every family member receives care tailored to their specific stages of dental health. This approach fosters a comfortable and familiar environment for children and adults alike, helps in tracking familial dental health patterns, and simplifies scheduling by allowing family appointments. Our goal is to make dental care a seamless, positive experience for your entire family.

How Does Concept Dentistry Address Dental Anxiety?

We understand that dental appointments can be daunting for many. At Concept Dentistry, we address dental anxiety with a compassionate, patient-centered approach, offering sedation dentistry options to ensure a comfortable, stress-free experience. Our clinic is designed to foster a welcoming and calm atmosphere. We encourage open communication, allowing patients to express their concerns and preferences, making sure they feel heard and reassured throughout their visit. Let us know how we can make your visit more comfortable; we're here to support you every step of the way.

Why Is Emergency Dentistry Important?

Emergency dentistry is a critical aspect of dental care, providing immediate relief for sudden, often painful, dental issues. At Concept Dentistry, we offer dedicated emergency services to address urgent needs swiftly, preventing complications and ensuring swift pain management. Our commitment to available evenings and weekends means you won't have to endure prolonged discomfort waiting for an appointment. Recognizing and treating dental emergencies promptly is key to maintaining overall oral health and can prevent the need for more extensive procedures in the future.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Options Does Concept Dentistry Offer?

At Concept Dentistry, we believe everyone deserves a smile they're proud to share. Our cosmetic dentistry options, including SureSmile clear aligners and dental implants, are designed to improve not only the aesthetics of your smile but also promote long-term oral health. We work closely with our patients to understand their goals and create personalized treatment plans that yield natural, lasting results. Whether you're looking to straighten your teeth, restore missing ones, or simply enhance your smile's appearance, our team is equipped to help you achieve your vision.

How Does Concept Dentistry Make Dental Care Accessible?

We are committed to making dental care accessible to all within the Calgary community. By directly billing insurance, adhering to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide, and offering free parking, we aim to alleviate some of the barriers to receiving quality dental care. Our clinic's location is strategically chosen for its ease of access from various neighborhoods, ensuring convenience for our patients. At Concept Dentistry, we believe financial constraints or logistical challenges should not prevent anyone from receiving the dental care they need and deserve.

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