Why Is Oral Hygiene So Important?

Why Is Oral Hygiene So Important?

If you’re over the age of thirty-five you’re more at risk of losing your teeth to gum diseases (periodontal diseases) than tooth decay.  Dental decay and cavities aren’t the cause of tooth loss in adult patients compared to the slow but highly destructive nature of gum disease.  Caused by bacterial plaque; gum disease affects three out of four adults at some time in life – robbing patients of their smile and oral health.  But the good news is it can be prevented and controlled with effective oral hygiene.

Oral Hygiene – Choose Your Weapon

Manufacturers of oral hygiene products have done a great job ensuring that there’s an available plaque-fighting weapon that suits the unique needs and preferences of patients.  From gum stimulators, floss wands and tapered bristles to sonic toothbrushes with UV sanitizers – there really isn’t an excuse for not having a squeaky clean mouth.  Calgary Dentists at Concept Dentistry acknowledge that flossing can be difficult, especially if you have crooked teeth or arthritic hands.  Talking with your dental team about your dental health needs, along with physical conditions that would prevent you from being able to brush and floss, gives your hygienist and dentist a chance to recommend devices that are designed to do the job of keeping teeth and gums healthy.

Is Brushing and Flossing Enough?

Good home care that consists of brushing twice a day and flossing (or using a flossing instrument) once in a twenty-four hour period builds a great foundation for good oral health.  It doesn’t take a lot of plaque to cause gum irritation that results in puffy and bleeding tissue – often considered the first signs of gum disease.  Keeping tooth surfaces and gum tissue free from damaging bacteria that lives in plaque reduces inflamed gums, prevents pocketing around teeth and slows gum and bone recession.  But is brushing and flossing enough to prevent gum diseases?  It’s a great start and becomes even stronger when partnered with regular visits to the dentist for a professional cleaning.  A hygienist has special tools and instruments that can access the toughest of spots – removing plaque deposits that are just too tricky for dental floss to reach.  The added benefit of having a dental cleaning is that any areas of inflamed tissue is irrigated during the cleaning – often rinsed with a solution that kills harmful bacteria that causes gum disease.

Oral Hygiene is the foundation of a healthy mouth.  If your mouth is in need of a spring cleaning – Contact the General Dentists at Concept Dentistry today 403-248-0301.

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