The Perfect Smile for a Perfect Day

The Perfect Smile for a Perfect Day

The Perfect Smile for a Perfect Day - Concept Dentistry - Teeth Whitening Calgary

Oh my gosh, he finally popped the question (or you, the modern, go-getter that you are, proposed!), and now it’s time to get your smile wedding-photo-ready! There are the engagement photos, photos from the marriage, and many parents or in-laws will want new, special family pictures that include their brand new son or daughter in law. With all the cameras flashing in your face, it’s a wonder you have any time to plan the wedding at all! Fortunately, your friendly Calgary dentists at Concept Dentistry are ready to help you get your perfect wedding smile.

Six-Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment for adults. Many professionals couldn’t care less that their bite isn’t “perfectly ideal”. After all, they’ve been chewing and talking just fine for the last three decades. Six-month smiles is an orthodontic treatment plans that allows Canadians who aren’t looking for a perfect bite to get just the aesthetic results of braces. Not only is the treatment invisible — perfect for those engagement photos, but your smile will be beautifully straightened in just 6 months.

Identify Your Enemies!

If you want your wedding photos to reflect your best smile, there are some foods and beverages you’re going to need to avoid or at least cut back on for the next few months. Bright, juicy fruits like blueberries and cherries are off the table. Soy sauce and other dark condiments should also be avoided. Instead of cola or ice tea, choose sprite or 7-up. Pick lightly coloured herbal teas instead of dark coloured black tea. And choose colourless alcoholic beverages in tonic water instead of red wine or cola-based drinks.

Start Whitening Now!

You’ve got your smile straight, and you’re avoiding the foods and beverages known to stain teeth; that’s a great start. But, if you’re like most Canadians, you’ve gone your whole life without a teeth whitening, and that means you need to undo some of the damage before the “I-dos”. One in-office whitening session effectively whitens teeth a full two or three shades. We use a specialized gel and light to whiten your smile under our careful supervision. If you want your teeth even whiter, we can prescribe a take-home kit to be used every night for the next two weeks. The kits we provide are much stronger than the over-the-counter variety. By supplementing your in-office cleaning with one of these kits, you can expect your smile to improve by five or six shades.

If you’re still at the beginning of your wedding planning, now is the best time to call your dentist. Our aesthetic focused six-month smiles is more than twice as fast as conventional braces, but still requires a good time commitment. Eliminating teeth-staining foods should be done two or three months before your wedding, and teeth whitening will need to begin at least a month in advance. Ready to get the perfect smile for the most important day of your life? We’re here to help! Call us today at 403-248-0301.

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