Importance of regular teeth cleaning

Importance of regular teeth cleaning

It’s closer to the end of the year and your dental insurance is expiring – have you got a teeth cleaning at least once this year? Getting a teeth cleaning from time to time can keep you healthier and happier. Read below how,

Avoid gum disease

There is plaque on your teteeth-cleaning-calgary-dentisteth and near your gums,it solidifys on the surface of the teeth and becomes tartar (Calculcus). Calculus is much harder to remove and is capable of causing the gum disease Gingivitis which can have a negative impact on your dental health leading to many insurgencies. Gum disease – known as the periodontal disease is a common disease today. A teeth cleaning washes away the plaque (And tartar if present) and reduces the risk of gum disease.

Smile proudly

Regular teeth cleaning isn’t just about oral health. It is about your smile and your personality. A smile is a powerful tool in your day to day life. And a cleaning makes the smile beautiful and pure.

Say no to bad breath

Cleaning removes bad breath caused by irregular dental hygiene visits and poor oral hygiene. The use of a tongue scraper in teeth cleaning removes the bacteria and buildup that likes to setup camp on the tongue.

With so many benefits of teeth cleaning and in a time where your dental insurance is expiring there is no reason not to pick up that phone and call us to make an appointment.

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