Get your Student School-Photo Ready

Get your Student School-Photo Ready

Get your Student School-Photo Ready - Concept Dentistry - Family Dentists Calgary

For many students, there are few things more stressful about heading back to school than the infamous school photos. Often, the folks taking your student’s pictures will spend less than two minutes with them, and since these photos will be remembered forever in the school yearbook and on their school ID, it’s important to give your student every advantage they can get!

Brush Just Before Pictures.

Toothpaste has a whitening agent that helps to give you that freshly-brushed, white-teeth shine. Brushing and flossing just before pictures will also make sure that no leftover snacks or lunch make it into your school photo. When your teacher lines you up to go get your photos taken, ask to use the washroom. Do the quickest teeth-brushing of your life, take a moment to fix your hair, and then head back to your class confident that your pictures will be perfect!

Avoid Teeth Staining Foods.

Some foods and beverages aren’t smile friendly. When you eat or drink them, their heavy dyes stain your smile. While brushing can help alleviate some of the staining, it’s best to just avoid these foods for a few weeks (or months!) before an important photoshoot. Bright, juicy fruits like blueberries and cherries are known smile-stainers, but beverages like black tea, coffee, and cola are far worse.

Book your Professional Teeth Whitening Now!

If you want a noticeably whiter smile, then look no further than your friendly Calgary dental clinic here in Forest Lawn. We can either provide you an instantly whiter smile with a quick, in-office whitening treatment or offer you an at-home whitening kit. The at-home kits we offer our patients are much stronger than the simple over-the-counter variety, and they will take just over two-week to whiten your smile an obvious two or three shades.

When it comes to something as important as school photos, your student wants to look their best. The expert family dentists at Concept Dentistry can help your student feel confident in their smile and themselves. Call us today at 403-248-0301 to book your student’s appointment today!

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