Don’t Forget to Book a Dental Appointment before your New University Student Moves!

Don’t Forget to Book a Dental Appointment before your New University Student Moves!

Don’t Forget to Book a Dental Appointment before your New University Student Moves! - Concept Dentistry - Dentists Calgary

So you have a brand-new university student in your household. If they’re like many university students, they’re going to be moving out of the house for this experience. Whether that means moving out of the neighbourhood, city, province, or country, you’re going to want to send them off well prepared. Don’t forget in all the preparations that their dental health needs looking after too!

Reality Check

While we don’t know your university student, we do know that it’s difficult to get around to booking those important, but not urgent, appointments. Dental checkups and hygienist visits are likely to be low on a student’s priority list, below getting to know their residence mates, studying for exams, and working that part-time job to pay the bills. Whether you’re the one off for studies, or your loved one is, consider taking some burden off that first semester and booking your appointment for before you leave.

Continuity of Care

If you’re studying outside the city, it could be pretty tricky to come back for a dental appointment mid-semester. You may wonder: why not just book with a new dentist in your new location? Two reasons: if you’re out-of-country, this could get extremely expensive, as international medical plans often do not cover dental treatment, or do so minimally. This can even be a minor problem between Canadian provinces. Also, if you book in with a new dentist, they won’t have your dental history. If problems arise, they will be less able to give you the same level of care that you’d get while staying with the dentist who knows you well.

Regular Checkups Matter

The Canadian Dental Association recommends regular checkups and cleanings, pointing out that for most people, this means visits every 6 months. Incidentally, this is often the frequency which medical insurance will cover. Your regular checkup includes checking for tooth decay (it’s easiest to deal with decay when it is in the very earliest stages), as well as a thorough cleaning which removes plaque and tartar. This will help to reduce incidence of gum disease and advanced tooth decay. Regular visits reduce the chance you’ll need a strong intervention like a root canal or even tooth extraction, since they can catch problems early!

So before your new university student moves, make the time to book a dentist appointment, and know that they will go off on their adventures with a healthy, shining smile for all those school ID pictures.

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