Tooth Pain Months After Root Canal

Tooth Pain Months After Root Canal

Tooth pain months after root canal

When your dentist told you do not have to remove that tooth that has been causing you terrible pain, you were probably overwhelmed with joy. You schedule an appointment for your root canal, the procedure was successful, and you can’t wait for the post-procedural pain to disappear and get back to eating the things you love. However, after some months, you still doubt whether the procedure helped at all. Or it even appears the pain has become worse.

While It’s normal to experience some pain after having a root canal, persistent incessant tooth pain months after root canal is a likely pointer that something is wrong somewhere. You have the option of going back to your dentist or looking for another competent dental practice.

Why does my root canal hurt months later?

As mentioned earlier, sensitivity around your tooth after a root canal is not out of the ordinary. However, it shouldn’t last beyond a week. If you’re still feeling a great deal of tooth pain after a root canal, you should consider any of the following possibilities:

Infected root canal

Your tooth can become infected during or after a root canal. For example, bacteria from your mouth can find their way to the edges of the filling if there’s a leakage. To prevent this, most dental practitioners cap the tooth with a crown after the root canal. A trip to your dentist would reveal if this is the problem. In mild cases, your dentist can easily retreat the root canal infection, but in extreme cases, they may recommend a tooth extraction.

Infection in the bone

Sometimes, the infection does not arise from the procedure itself. The presence of bacteria in the bone surrounding the root could lead to a secondary infection and pain. Your dentist can address this by removing the dead tooth nerve that serves as the source of the infection. Once this is done, they may leave your immune system to finish the job or prescribe a course of antibiotics, depending on the severity of the infection.

Air or cement forced through the root tip

During filling, dental cement can ooze out of the root tip, and if the overfill is significant enough, cause you some pain. This is especially more likely if the tooth infection did not spread to the root tip area before you had the root canal. Although very rare, it’s also possible your tooth pain months after a root canal is caused by a tiny bubble of air forced out of your root tip.

Missed canal

Sometimes, a curved root canal or some other obstruction may prevent your dentist from thoroughly cleaning the canal. If this happens, the procedure will not achieve the desired effect because of the nerves that were left behind. Your dentist would need to remove the filling and find the missed canal. Essentially, you’ll be having another procedure.

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Tooth Pain Months After Root Canal
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Tooth Pain Months After Root Canal Tooth Pain Months After Root Canal

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