Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

Newport Beach Recovery Center is a pioneer inpatient drug rehab in Orange County with world-class amenities, an impeccable clinical team, around-the-clock medical care, gourmet meals, and comfortable accommodations. We engage our rehab clients in multiple individual and group therapy sessions, support group meetings, and psychotherapy treatments, equipping them with critical tools and coping mechanisms for lasting sobriety.

What can I expect with your inpatient treatment program?

Our inpatient drug rehab in Newport Beach engages recovering addicts in a series of treatments and therapies, starting with medical detox. After medical detox, we help our clients address their co-occurring mental health problems via counseling, psychotherapy, and support group meetings. We have designed our inpatient rehab program to offer an immersive healing experience.

Who is an ideal candidate for your inpatient treatment program?

Individuals suffering from severe addiction disorders and long-term alcohol or drug abuse problems may benefit from inpatient addiction treatment. If you suffer from co-occurring disorders, inpatient treatment is your best bet to getting sober, healthy, and stable over the years.

What does a typical day at inpatient rehab encompass?

At our residential rehab in Orange County, you will begin the day with a healthy and nourishing breakfast, participate in group therapy, engage in physical exercise, and take a break for lunch. Following lunch, you will engage in daily reflection sessions, journaling and therapeutic artwork, and process and education group meetings. Dinner time comes with a variety of group relaxation activities.

What makes your inpatient drug program the best?

With luxurious accommodations, spacious common areas, gourmet meal options, and other modern amenities, we are one of the most oustanding drug and alcohol rehab centers in Orange County. We craft customized treatment plans for each patient to address their unique addiction circumstance.

Do you accept insurance for inpatient rehab treatment?

We accept most insurance plans at our facility. Get in touch with our admissions office to verify your insurance with us.

How long is your inpatient treatment program?

Inpatient addiction treatment typically ranges from 30 days. In some cases, the inpatient treatment can last for 60 or 90 days based on the patient's needs.

How can inpatient treatment help me in recovery?

Inpatient rehab allows you to take a break from your day-to-day life and recover in a safe, serene, and supportive environment. The residential treatment has the highest success rates and lowest relapse percentage, as it offers an immersive healing experience. It can also help you meet and socialize with people battling with similar issues, allowing you to recover with communal support.

How do I choose between inpatient rehab and outpatient program?

If you cannot take time off from work or personal commitments, outpatient programs may be a more viable option for you. Alternatively, if you suffer from severe addiction disorders, you must enroll in inpatient treatment for a safe and speedy recovery.

Contact us at 866-541-6560 to verify your insurance with us. We are a leading inpatient drug rehab in Orange County with modern amenities, high-end accommodations, experienced staff, and scientific therapies. Newport Beach Recovery Center has the lowest relapse rates as we focus on helping our recovering addicts attain comprehensive recovery from their behavioral and mental health issues.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

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