Family Dental Orthodontist Twin Falls

Family Dental Orthodontist Twin Falls

A family dental orthodontist in Twin Falls is more than your partner in health. Your teeth are vital to your well-being. When you choose Braces R US for your or your child’s needs, you become a part of our ever growing family.

The Power of a Smile

Confidence makes the world go round. From the ability to muscle through a tough situation to the capability to land a top job, your smile means a lot.

This is no mistake. Smiling activates muscles in your face that release endorphins in your brain and allow you to shine. Having the confidence to show your pearly white teeth empowers you to make a difference in your life.

There is more than a statement behind such power. Researchers at the University of Cardiff in Wales found that people with a healthy smile are happier overall. A positive attitude alone is linked to everything from a longer lifespan to better work opportunities.

Using a Family Dentist

Working towards a better smile requires an understanding of who you are and your teeth. There are many companies that simply treat patients as a number, raising the cost of treatment any way they can.

When you pick a family dentist, you are making a serious decision that should not be left to fast in and out services. Smaller orthodontists thrive when they offer better customer service and show a passion for helping everyone from children to the elderly.

We want you and your family to leave satisfied. To do so, we treat every patient like family.

Board Certified Orthodontists

Customer service can only go so far. You need professionals who are well versed in their trade. You would never trust your car to an uncertified mechanic. They may have graduated from a trade school but they may not know how to fix your car.

Why would you allow someone without proven skills to treat your teeth? Board certifications, achieved by only 20 percent of orthodontists, are coveted and show a commitment to the craft. The founder of Braces R Us achieved this standing and recertifies every ten years.

Quality and Experience

The knowledge that Troy A Williams DDS brings to the table comes with 20 years of experience in cutting edge time-tested treatments. He guides every member of the staff, ensuring that everyone performs their best. Our staff learns to treat patients and not just drive sales.

There is no attempt to find a one-size-fits all treatment. Whether you are in Mesa, AZ, Twin Falls, or Hailey, we can help you get the smile you deserve. We work with every patient to craft a proven course of treatment no matter the state of your teeth.

Family Dental Orthodontist in Twin Falls

A family dental orthodontist in Twin Falls can help you achieve the smile you need to empower your life or the lives of your children. Do not trust teeth to one-size-fits all methods claiming to work miracles.

Find out how a family practice owned by a board certified orthodontist can help your family. Schedule an appointment today.

Family Dental Orthodontist Twin Falls
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Family Dental Orthodontist Twin Falls
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Family Dental Orthodontist Twin Falls

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